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  • Green Tea Health Benefits
    The benefits of drinking green tea have been understood for centuries, since it was first discovered in China approximately 4700 years ago. According to legend, the Chinese Emperor Shen Nong, Read more
  • Natural Bad Breath Fixes
    Bad breath, or halitosis, afflicts most of us at some point or another. If your friends have told you that you have bad breath often (and you know that they Read more
  • Simple Stretches for Back Pain Prevention
    Many people consult a doctor of chiropractic when they are experiencing back pain, which is a good idea, because back pain - especially if chronic - can be a symptom Read more
  • Mold in Your Home - What to Look For and What to Do
    Mold is ubiquitous; its spores are pretty much everywhere. It's when they are blown into our homes and begin to grow there that they pose a health risk to us. Read more
  • Anatomy of the Shoulder
    The shoulder is the part of the human body in which the upper arm attaches to the axial skeleton of the torso. The bones that form the pectoral (shoulder) girdle Read more
  • Allergy Season Survival Tips
    While many look forward to Spring and its abundance of flowers, for allergy sufferers it's more likely to be a season of stuffy noses, sneezing and watery, itchy, irritated eyes. Read more
  • Raw Milk versus Pasteurized Milk
    There has been a debate raging for the past few years about the benefits and dangers of raw versus pasteurized milk and dairy products. Health food proponents contend that raw Read more
  • NASA's Plant Shopping List
    Indoor air quality is becoming an increasingly important issue these days, with the increase in pollutants not only from the outside environment, but also from common items inside your home, Read more
  • Shocking Back Pain Statistics
    If you are currently suffering from back pain, or have experienced it before, you're not alone. The statistics on the prevalence of back-related pain are nothing less than shocking:According to Read more
  • Nutrition Food Label Lies
    Do you ever find yourself in the supermarket, confused when trying to decide which are actually the healthy foods and which only claim to be? For example, being a fan Read more
  • Biceps Tendonitis Causes and Treatment Options
    The aches and pains of biceps tendonitis can seriously interfere with your daily activities. It is often surprising to people to realize just how much they use their biceps in Read more
  • Chiropractic Care Benefits Veterans with Low Back Pain
    Among veterans, musculoskeletal pain is one of the most common complaints, particularly low back pain (LBP). The number of veterans reporting to the Veteran’s Health Administration (VHA) with low back Read more
  • Can Exercise Help Menopause Symptoms?
    Any menopausal woman can tell you that hot flashes are no fun. Neither are the night sweats, insomnia, increased irritability, anxiety and depression. And while about a quarter of all Read more
  • Heel Spur Causes and Treatment Options
    A heel (or calcaneal) spur is a small build up of calcium on the calcaneus (heel) bone of the foot. When the back of the foot is subjected to ongoing Read more
  • When to Consider Going Gluten-Free
    Considering all the wheat-based foods common in the Western diet, it’s not surprising that people have a difficult time staying away from gluten. It shows up in most bread, pizza, Read more
  • Consider Yoga for Rheumatoid Arthritis
    If you suffer from the painful effects of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), you may want to consider taking up yoga as a gentle form of exercise. Though it is common for Read more