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  • The Most Common Skiing Injuries and How to Avoid Them
    Few things in life can be quite as exhilarating as a good day skiing. You feel the energy and motion, the wind across your body, and the intimate connection with Read more
  • Broad-Spectrum Versus Narrow-Spectrum Antibiotics: What You Should Know
    The term "antibiotics" refers to any substance that kills microbes of any kind, including anti-fungals and antibacterials. In common usage, though, antibiotics is used synonymously with antibacterials. As the name Read more
  • Understanding the Biomechanical Chain
    A biomechanical chain—sometimes called the "kinematic chain" or "kinetic chain"—is a simple idea about a complex system. You already know that the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone, Read more
  • Why Do Chiropractors Use Palpation?
    Palpation is the most frequently used diagnostic technique in chiropractic care and is a clinical cornerstone of most physicians’ practice. It is a manual, non-invasive method of determining where a Read more
  • Keys to Healthy In-Season Eating
    Although it may be tempting to pick up some fresh tomatoes or strawberries in the middle of winter, you might find yourself disappointed in their flavor. Thanks to the combination Read more
  • What Is Sleep Inertia?
    What are you like when you wake up in the morning? Do you wake up refreshed, ready to hop out of bed and start a productive day? Or do you Read more
  • Explaining Head Forward Posture
    The human body is a finely-tuned work of engineering. Throw something out of balance and the body fights to restore that balance. At the same time, the body is also Read more
  • Do We Really Get Sick More Often During the Winter?
    Although your mother may have admonished you when you to bundle up when you went outside during the winter to avoid getting a cold, science shows that this advice is Read more
  • Can Joint Injuries Really Cause or Accelerate Arthritis?
    A U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study performed from 2007-2009 showed that at least 22.2% of adult Americans suffered from arthritis. The actual number could be higher Read more
  • Techniques for Improving Circulation
    A healthy circulatory system is crucial to good health. To be at its best, your body needs to be able to keep blood pumping from the heart and lungs through Read more
  • What is "Cervical Radiculopathy?
    In layman’s terms, cervical radiculopathy is known as a “pinched nerve” located in the area of the cervical vertebrae (the part of your spine around your neck). It involves damage Read more
  • Do Ergonomic Snow Shovels Really Make a Difference?
    While it seems like such a commonplace activity, shoveling snow is notorious for being one of the most dangerous things you can do in the winter. The physical exertion it Read more
  • What are Muscle Cramps and How Can They Be Prevented?
    Have you ever had a good night’s sleep interrupted by a stabbing pain through the calf of your leg? Have you ever been gripped by agonizing spasms in your lower Read more
  • What is Evidence-Based Medicine?
    When patients go to a doctor, they want the best possible diagnosis and treatment. But how does that doctor know exactly what to do in any particular circumstance?Medical school (of Read more
  • What Is Crepitus?
    If your first thought when you saw the title of this article was, "Well, that word sounds a lot like “decrepit,”   you're actually (sort of) on the right track. Crepitus Read more
  • A Guide to Better Napping
    Over the years, our collective human experience has taught us that napping is a good thing. It rejuvenates us and actually makes our brains work better. Need evidence? Some of Read more