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  • Chiropractic Care at the Cleveland Clinic
    The integration of chiropractic medicine with mainstream healthcare is in the news everywhere these days, including at the Olympic Games in Sochi, where Doctors of Chiropractic were an integral part Read more
  • Does Having Young Children Really Build Your Immune System?
    Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but many moms and dads believe that having a young child or two around the house boosts their immune system.  It’s easy to see why Read more
  • What Causes Muscle Tension?
    Muscle tension occurs when a muscle (or group of muscles) remains contracted for an extended period of time. This might be characterized as a low-energy or low-intensity muscle cramp. Such Read more
  • Your Teenager and Back Pain: Why Manual Therapies Are the Best Option
    Low back pain is a condition that affects more than 600 million people worldwide, including over a third of all Americans. This number exceeds the number of people affected by Read more
  • What is Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome?
    Your ulnar nerve runs along the length of your arm—starting at the shoulder, running behind the elbow, and then along your forearm and wrist on the way to the hand. Read more
  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices Are a Team Effort for Couples
    These days, with divorce statistics skyrocketing, it's easy to focus on the "for worse" part of the traditional marriage vow. But the simple fact remains that a good marriage—or a Read more
  • Understanding Inflammation
    Inflammation is a natural part of the body's own self-healing mechanism, but is widely misunderstood and misrepresented in the popular press. First, many people confuse the term inflammation with infection—the Read more
  • Natural Approaches to Lowering Blood Pressure
    High blood pressure (hypertension) often has no visible symptoms, especially early on. The only way to determine your blood pressure is to have it measured. If you have high blood Read more
  • What is a Bone Bruise?
    Although the term “bone bruise” seems to indicate a relatively mild injury, in actuality it is no less severe than a broken bone. Also referred to as a bone contusion Read more
  • Trampoline Safety: What Parents Should Know
    From a health and safety point of view, the best advice we could give parents who are considering letting their kids use trampolines at home is "Don't do it!"Since 1977, Read more
  • What is Water on the Knee?
    Water on the knee is known in medical terms as "knee effusion". Quite simply, it is an accumulation of fluid around the knee joint, making it appear swollen. This reduces Read more
  • Standing More Often: A Prescription for Better Health?
    It seems that almost every day we see new research coming out about the perils of inactivity and sitting too much. We're becoming a sedentary nation, and it's taking its Read more
  • What is "Cervical Myelopathy?
    Cervical myelopathy, or more accurately called “cervical spondylotic myelopathy” (CSM), is the most common spinal cord disorder in those over age 55. The natural degenerative processes that happen as we Read more
  • Digestion, Immune System Health and the BioSET Program
    Developed by Ellen Cutler, DC based on more than 25 years of research, the BioSet (BioEnergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy) program is a way of getting to the root cause of food sensitivities Read more
  • Bone Health: What is Secondary Osteoporosis?
    Osteoporosis (bone density loss) is defined in the medical literature as either primary or secondary. Primary osteoporosis is considered an endemic bone disorder that occurs with aging and is accelerated Read more
  • How Chiropractic Care Has Helped Me: Introducing Tom Brady
    If you're at all interested in sports –or chiropractic—you may have noticed in your Internet travels graphics featuring some of the biggest names in sports. The "Get Adjusted" campaign features Read more