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  • Running and Injury Prevention
    At Chicago Spine and Joint Center we see a lot of runner and most of them have the same core questions about injury prevention and how to choose a Chicago Read more
  • Do You Need Custom Orthotics?
    At Chicago Spine and Joint Center we specialize in orthotic casting. You may have heard of orthotics and have questions about whether they are right for you. In today's blog Read more
  • Nuturition and Health Lecture
    Dr. Matthew Nuesse is a frequent speaker at local employers. In this talk he shares how to reduce the risk of many prevalent diseases and disorders through proper attention to Read more
  • Headaches 101
    At Chicago Spine and Joint Center we see many patients complaining of headaches. You may be a headache sufer too and are wondering what causes them and how to make Read more
  • Proactive Vs. Reactive Healthcare
    There are two ways to view healthcare, reactive and proactive. Reactive healthcare is what we traditionally think of as healthcare in this country. We go about living our lives, waiting Read more
  • A Chiropractors "Tools" - Part 1
     Most people associate chiropractors with the "cracking" sound that is made when the chiropractor performs the adjustment on the spine. While adjusting the spine is extremely important in restoring normal Read more
  • A Chiropractors "Tools" - Part 2
    Last time we talked a chiropractors use of several specific physical therapy modalities. Today I would like to focus on the most powerful "tool" that chiropractors have at there Read more
  • New Chiropractic Research
    Chiropractors are often sought out because they can help relive painful conditions. The role that a chiropractor can play in ones life, however, can be much greater than simply providing Read more
  • Can Chiropractors Help With Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), named from the carpal bones in the wrist that form a tunnel around the nerve leading to the hand, is an injury usually caused by repetitive Read more
  • Take Flexibility Training Seriously
    When it comes to the Big Three of exercise - cardiovascular, strength training and flexibility - it's pretty clear which one can get overlooked. After all, while we prize cardiovascular Read more
  • Surgery or Chiropractic for Chronic Sciatica Sufferers?
    Pain coming from compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve is called sciatica. Sciatica - which can include pain, tingling, numbness and muscle weakness - is really a symptom indicating Read more
  • Why Having Good Posture Matters and What You Can Do About It
    How many times did we hear from our parents when we were children, “sit up straight”? Our parents were not telling us to do this merely to keep us from Read more
  • Do Back Support Belts Really Help Prevent Injuries?
    Many people work in professions that require them to lift heavy objects on a regular basis. Baggage handlers and construction workers, for instance, are increasingly working with the help of Read more
  • Why We Shrink as We Get Older
    If you’ve ever noticed that the car ahead of you in traffic seems to be driving itself, there’s a good chance that the person driving it is elderly. Shrinking in Read more
  • How Does Biofreeze Work?
    If you have ever experienced a sprain, you know how inconvenient it can be to locate some ice and a bag to put it in so that you can apply Read more
  • Smoking Linked to Chronic Pain in Women
    If you need yet another good reason to quit smoking for good, here it is. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Kentucky has found that women who Read more