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  • Salt: The Latest Stealth Threat to Childrens Health
    It’s not that surprising that a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that children were eating almost as much salt as adults every day. Read more
  • Superfoods: Science or Marketing?
    There is no medical definition for a “superfood”. Food manufacturers are eager to use the word to promote sales of their products that contain traces of supposed superfoods such as Read more
  • How Much Sleep is Too Much?
    We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep and the detrimental effect on our health if we get too little of it. However, it is Read more
  • What is Personalized Medicine?
    Since the first healers began treating people for illness, the way it worked was that you described your symptoms to the doctor, who would then give you a physical examination Read more
  • How Might Breath Analysis Change the Future of Diagnostic Tests?
    Imagine having diagnostic tests taken that were painless, fast, less expensive than a blood test, and could easily be performed multiple times, even while exercising or sleeping. Scientists have been Read more
  • What is Gastric Bypass Surgery?
    One of the ways to treat people for morbid obesity is by performing gastric bypass surgery. Those with an excessive amount of fatty tissue are at far greater risk of Read more
  • What is the FDA, and What Does it Do?
    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been around in some form since 1906 when President Theodore Roosevelt signed into law the Food and Drug Act prohibiting the interstate Read more
  • Look Who Else Uses Chiropractic: Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Long before his days as governor of California, and even before his acting career, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a bodybuilding champion who could boast 13 world titles. And as any world-class Read more
  • Spinal Health at the GymForm Matters!
    Whether you are an athlete training for competition or someone who visits the gym regularly just to keep fit, protecting your back and spine from injuries during workouts is important. Read more
  • Why Some Foods Just Make Us Feel Better
    There is a reason why you reach for the chocolate when you are feeling depressed. Scientists have been studying the connection between food and mood for a number of years, Read more
  • Recovering from a Broken Bone
    For most people, recovering from a broken bone is an exercise in patience. For an active person, being told that you have to significantly reduce or cease activity in order Read more
  • The Latest on Motorcycle Safety Gear
    There are few more iconic images than that of the motorcyclist. Whether it’s zipping through traffic when cars are at a standstill or exploring long, winding country highways, motorcycling is Read more
  • The Role of Sodium in Your Diet
    Most people get far too much sodium in their diet. A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that the adult intake of sodium averaged Read more
  • Look Who Else Uses Chiropractic: Professional Tennis Players
    There are about 800 professional tennis players in the U.S. who regularly play in competitions sanctioned by the US Tennis Association (USTA). Dr. David E. Stude, a chiropractor and professor Read more
  • Choosing the Chiropractor Whos Right for You
    Chiropractic care is very well-established in the United States these days, with excellent chiropractic offices in all major cities and an estimated 10%-12% of the American population taking advantage of Read more
  • Look Who Else Uses Chiropractic: Elite Gymnastics
    Gymnastics is among the most difficult sports and among the most demanding in terms of stresses placed on the body’s musculoskeletal system. Both overuse injuries and acute injuries are common Read more