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  • How Might Breath Analysis Change the Future of Diagnostic Tests?
    Imagine having diagnostic tests taken that were painless, fast, less expensive than a blood test, and could easily be performed multiple times, even while exercising or sleeping. Scientists have been Read more
  • Water Retention: Why Does it Happen and Is It Dangerous?
    If you wake up in the morning and suddenly find yourself having a difficult time putting your ring on your finger because it’s puffed up like a Ball Park Frank, Read more
  • Cleansing: What Does the Science Really Say?
    Cleansing, sometimes also referred to as detoxification, has been all the rage in recent years among those interested in alternative medicine. The theory is that the body accumulates toxins from Read more
  • Occupational Health and Safety: Tips for Construction Workers
    According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there were 721 fatal accidents on construction sites in 2011, accounting for 17.5% of all worker fatalities that year. The leading Read more
  • Exercise Versus Lifestyle Activity: How Active Are YouReally?
    If you are like most people, working out just for the sake of working out does not really appeal (although there are many dedicated gym buffs who couldn’t live without Read more
  • Fitness Lessons from the Dance Studio
    For those who want to get fit, but find the thought of working out at a gym about as appealing as a root canal, dancing may be the answer. Dancing Read more
  • Look Who Else Uses Chiropractic: Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Long before his days as governor of California, and even before his acting career, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a bodybuilding champion who could boast 13 world titles. And as any world-class Read more
  • What Are Reflexes and How Do They Work?
    Many of us probably recall our childhood visits to the pediatrician. And some of us might even remember being amused and surprised when the doctor used a little hammer to Read more
  • Spinal Health at the GymForm Matters!
    Whether you are an athlete training for competition or someone who visits the gym regularly just to keep fit, protecting your back and spine from injuries during workouts is important. Read more
  • Is it Really Healthier to Live in the Country?
    Some decades ago, there was no question that living in the country was healthier than living in the city. Most cities had high levels of crime, pollution and infectious diseases, Read more
  • Why Some Foods Just Make Us Feel Better
    There is a reason why you reach for the chocolate when you are feeling depressed. Scientists have been studying the connection between food and mood for a number of years, Read more
  • How Can Chiropractic Help Improve My Circulation?
    Many people think of chiropractors as only “back doctors”. Although it is true that chiropractors spend a good part of their day treating neck and back pain, the whole body Read more
  • Recovering from a Broken Bone
    For most people, recovering from a broken bone is an exercise in patience. For an active person, being told that you have to significantly reduce or cease activity in order Read more
  • What Are Posture Aids and When Should You Consider Them?
    Many people spend hours each day sitting at a desk, which has led to large parts of the population developing bad posture and subsequent back and neck pain.Poor posture is Read more
  • What is Personalized Medicine?
    Since the first healers began treating people for illness, the way it worked was that you described your symptoms to the doctor, who would then give you a physical examination Read more
  • How Frequently Should I Get Adjusted?
    There is not one simple, one-size-fits-all answer to a question about how frequently a person should have a chiropractic adjustment. Each person’s individual needs and overall health must be taken Read more