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  • Choosing The Right Chiropractor
    Choosing the right chiropractor is important to your individual wellness goals. There is a very wide range of ways that chiropractors can, and do, practice. From the extremely alternative, to Read more
  • Spinal Screenings for Infants and Children
    Nothing can be more heartbreaking than to learn that an infant or child has a debilitating disease or ailment that will make life difficult for them. The benefit of early Read more
  • Common Causes of Back Pain
    Understanding the cause of your back pain is the key to proper treatment. There are many different underlying conditions that cause back pain. The more common causes of back pain Read more
  • Chiropratic and the Multiple Sclerosis Patient
    Multiple sclerosis is a neurologic condition that attacks the brain and the spinal cord. Multiple sclerosis is so damaging to the human body due to the fact that the disease Read more
  • Are You Looking in the Right Place for Back Pain Relief?
    What You Can Learn From America's Back Pain ExperienceA June 2010 article by Associated Press Medical Writer Lauran Neergaard shines a bright light on the problem of back pain in Read more
  • Your Child's Health: Having the Right Backpack and Using It Correctly Now May Prevent Big Problems Later
    Healthcare researchers and providers alike are growing increasingly concerned that American kids are suffering from back pain earlier in their lives and in larger numbers than ever before. And experts Read more
  • How Do I Know If I Need A Chiropractor?
    Some people think chiropractors only treat back pain, but actually they are specialists in the entire musculoskeletal system. They do focus primarily on the spine and surrounding tissues, but the Read more
  • Understanding Spinal Anatomy
    Your spine, or backbone, is the primary physical support for your body. The spine is composed of 33 separate vertebrae, which are flexible and permit standing, bending over, and twisting. Read more
  • Is Going Barefoot Really a Prescription for Fewer Running-Related Injuries?
    The latest in performance footwear isn't on display at America's elite university track programs. Nor will you find it on the pitch at professional soccer games. You won't see it Read more
  • Have High Blood Pressure? Check Your Mercury Levels
    "Mercury toxicity should be evaluated in any patient with hypertension, coronary heart disease, cerebral vascular disease, cerebrovascular accident, or other vascular disease." This was the conclusion of an August 2011 Read more
  • Can I Use My Flexible Spending Account for Chiropractic Care?
    As of the time this article is being written - Yes you can use your FSA account to pay for chiropractic services.Bear in mind that exactly what is and is Read more
  • A Chiropractor and the Herniated Disc
    There are many terms that describe the condition known as the herniated disc. Some of the more common interchangeable terms are "slipped disc", "bulging disc", and "disc prolapse. All of Read more
  • What Does a Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP/DACBSP) Do?
    You may already be aware that a Doctor of Chiropractic takes care of a patient's spinal health. However, not all chiropractors are equally qualified to handle sports injuries or work Read more
  • The Benefits of Magnesium
    While it may not be as well-known as other mineral nutrients, Magnesium is involved in a variety of the human body’s processes, ranging from maintaining bone density to keeping our Read more
  • Shoulder Injuries
    In this article I would like to get back to discussing a particular area of the body, how it can become injured and how it may be treated. This time Read more
  • What is a Pinched Nerve?
    A "pinched nerve" refers to a condition in which a nerve is compressed by surrounding tissue, such as ligament, cartilage, tendon or bone. The term "pinched nerve" is not a Read more